Welcome to the Bold Heath Equestrian Centre Competitions page! 

We are proud to host a variety of top-class equestrian competitions throughout the year, including British Dressage, Unaffiliated Dressage, Combined Training, Unaffiliated One Day Events, British Eventing, Unaffiliated Show Jumping and BS. With our world-class facilities and experienced team, we provide a safe and welcoming environment for riders of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Our Olympic-sized all-weather outdoor school and two indoor schools enable us to host competitions all year round. 

We also offer private lessons for dressage riders or jumping enthusiasts at unbeatable prices and all our venue hires and competitions are available to book securely online through our site, so please have a look around and we hope to see you soon! 




Dressage evaluates a horse’s training and the rider’s ability to perform a set of precise and controlled movements in a specific sequence. Dressage tests a horse’s obedience, flexibility, and balance, and requires a high degree of skill and athleticism from both horse and rider.



Showjumping involves jumping over a series of fences set in a specific pattern and height within a time limit. Showjumping tests a horse’s agility, athleticism, and the rider’s ability to navigate the course effectively and efficiently.


Combined Training combines dressage and showjumping into a single competition. Combined Training tests a horse and rider’s ability to excel in both disciplines, and requires a high degree of skill and athleticism from both horse and rider.


Eventing combines three phases: dressage, cross-country, and showjumping. Eventing tests a horse and rider’s ability to excel in different disciplines, from precision and obedience in dressage to speed and endurance in cross-country and accuracy and technique in showjumping.


Showing evaluates a horse’s conformation, movement, and manners, as well as the rider’s ability to present the horse to the judges. Showing competitions can include a variety of classes, such as in-hand classes, ridden classes, and working hunter classes.



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